Chess960 generator

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Lukas Podolski, the central attacker of the German soccer team once stated: "Soccer is like chess, ... only without the dice."
How foreseeing! To play Chess960 -the future form of chess- you will just need ONE DIE to determine the starting position.

This page is a little different in comparison to the Chess960-generators you probably saw.
Those generators more or less tempt you, or at the least the arbiter, to have a computer nearby.
Not at all necessary, not even THIS page is needed ... just ONE DIE in the playing hall will do.
Just imagine: 500 playing sets, 500 chess clocks and just ONE DIE for a completely different start of 500 chess games.

At the start of each round the arbiter will throw and announce.
Only the complete and thorough knowledge of the Bodlaender die rolling method is essential for implementing Chess960.
Complete and thorough ... essential?? Not really, it's far more simple to comprehend than arbiter stuff like 1-4, 2-3, 4-3 !
Just check out the link, read it and rehearse a little by a refresh of this page.

1) This generator uses the Bodlaender die rolling method which guarantees equal chances for each position.
2) Refresh this page for a new random position.
3) Interested in my old Delphi, Java or new Python source? Download and use it as you like!

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